The fact that SEO is the most important and crucial method to increase traffic to your website has lead many people to write endless articles giving important information on how to be more effective and efficient when it comes to a website optimization. This can be really helpful for you in case you are a beginner and you cannot afford to hire a professional to do the job for you. However if you don’t want to get lost among zillions of pages of information and tricks, here are 3 tips to achieve effective and quick search engine optimization.

Do keyword research

Before anything else you need to decide what keywords you are going to use and how. If you are not sure how you are going to do that, it is a good idea to use some of the available tools that will help you focus on the right keywords. Wordtracker and Google AdWords are just two of them. They can help you choose keywords that have more possibilities of high rankings. The targeted keywords will make your website more competitive and will increase the chances of traffic conversion.

Optimize the content

One of the most important area scanned by web crawlers sent by the search engines, is the content on the website or the blog. If your web pages are filled with rich and gripping content then they are more likely to achieve higher rankings, in comparison with even longer existing websites that are not that informative and useful, no matter how optimized they are. Adding more content means that you can use a higher percentage of keywords and keyword phrases that will help you achieve better rankings. Do not forget about keyword modifiers either. There are words that play the role of a basket of semantically relevant words that can make your webpage appear in more users’ searches. Search engines will rank your site even for the less targeted words included. This practically means that they will show links of your web page even if a user is not searching for the actual keyword but for a relevant word or phrase.

Monitor the statistics

The statistics of your website are really important because they can tell a lot when it comes to your website, especially about the effectiveness of the keywords. Monitoring the stats means that you will have a complete picture of which keywords bring more traffic and you can benefit from them, creating a new page that will contain those very words and phrases.

Try to start your SEO efforts using these tips. They can prove really beneficial and useful. If you are really lost and have no clue where you are headed call in the professionals.