While in the process of SEO for your website and online business you will probably find out that there are many techniques and methods that developed search engines consider as unacceptable and many sites not only lose a good ranking but get banned and flagged when using some of those. There are also some regular methods followed within an SEO process that can lead to banning or at least lower ranking, if not used correctly.

Consider what fonts and colors you are using for your website. You already know that all major search engines consider the ‘same color font-same color background’ as a naughty technique as it is mostly used by webmasters who either want to hide some parts of the content or are up to some tricks. Style and colors in vogue is not something that search engines consider when ranking web pages so probably you should not consider it yourself either. Same applies to color combinations. If you have a blue webpage and use a white table with blue fonts, just because you like the color effect on screen, then you will be flagged, because the web crawlers will see a blue font on a blue background. It is a common mistake that many beginners make.

Avoid overcrowding your website with too much graphic and multimedia. First of all if not well appointed your website will look like a circus and will baffle the average visitor and second it is completely useless for the crawlers, as they are programmed to read and recognize text and text only. Rich content is what you really need and you should work diligently on this. Of course you need to include some graphics also so as to make the site look better and appealing - just do not overdo it.

Unintentional over optimization of a website is also a point to consider. Usually the search engines appreciate a comprehensive usage and density of keywords and meta tag elements, which means that you need to keep some natural flow in the text and make it both readable and understandable. You will not achieve anything if you overdo it. On the contrary you may be considered as spam and thus lose your ranking. If you feel you are over doing it, try to ‘de-optimize’ your website a little. Monitoring and updating your website is something you should do anyway so as to avoid and correct the mistakes when needed.