Articles are written in a variety of ways however every article is formatted using at universal style of writing. From the time we’re taught to write book reports or short stories, we’re all given the outline format to writing a good flowing piece. You should begin outlining the topic, although this is not the format of the article, it is used to create the content of the article. A flowing article will have three main parts the introduction, the body and the conclusions. Some articles will include a summation of the articles which leads into the conclusion. Your introduction will be the part of the article which will present the topic, most often it introduces the nature of the article. It should be written the presents a problem in a way that the reader will have to continue the article to get the solutions. The introduction should flow easily into the content or body of the article which provides in more detail the need for the article. Finally the article should end with the conclusion which give the solutions. This is the standard format of most articles in every type of media.

Search Engine Optimization articles, however, need to use specific techniques such as use keyword rich information while still being a flowing and entertaining article.

Writing articles in order to promote your business, services and products is a wise choice for any entrepreneur. As an added benefit to the "cost conscious" business owner, the only cost when employing this type of marketing is the cost of your time. Where to begin? Here's how!

Start by having your article proofread either by a professional or simply by another set of eyes. Sometimes another set of eyes is all you need to catch those pesky mistakes and errors. Next, add the content to your website. Make sure you have a catchy title and that your content is well researched. Grammar and spelling errors look unprofessional and should be avoided at all costs. Most start up web-based businesses can't really afford editors and proof readers but submitting professional content does not have to be expensive. There are websites out there that promote freelance writers willing to work for next to nothing and can produce great materials. It may be possible that fitting this type of employer into your website budget will be a great benefit to your site. Once you have the articles written and proofread, begin submitting your article to free article sites and posting your informational pieces on forums and discussion boards. That's it!

Once this information begins to circulate the Internet and each click generates a certain type of "word of mouth" you will begin to see that your efforts have been paid off ten-fold with the increase in traffic your site develops. Writing effective search engine optimization articles for your website is a win-win situation in the game of search engine marketing.