Search engines especially the major ones will provide a variety of tools for placing effective ads and on their specific search engine. Many of the services are based upon the level of exposure you expect. Since 30% of most companies budgets are mainly for advertisement and marketing many major search engines services will require your budget before suggesting the package to use.

There are basic search engine packages such as the simple URL registration which is free with most Search engines. However some will charge for this service so make sure your do your homework when researching. Other services include Ad words or Product direction services. Which are much like newspapers ads only they go directly to the page on your site where the service and or product and be purchased. Other services include flashy banners postings and positioned within the search engine results pages.

The larger search engines also provide numerous types of tools to help large businesses and small businesses alike in optimizing their search engine marketing. Google, for example, contains all the tools needed to expose your website. These features include but are not limited to; AdSense helps you earn revenue from your own website ad will deliver ads precisely targeted to your site, Analytics helps you analyze your web traffic and can provide to you easy to understand reports on its progress, Website Optimizer will automatically test the content of your site to ensure the content is sufficient in maximizing your daily visitor rate. Their checkout features provides free credit card processing and a secure convenient way for your customers to checkout your products sold. Google Base allows you to post an enormous amount of content on Google and the more content on Google the easier it will be for your prospective customers to find your site. Google Security Solutions can now secure your email with complete spam and virus protection. The most valuable tool might just be the Webmaster's Central. With this tool you can obtain comprehensive information on how Google crawls and indexes websites. This information can be used to make your website even more visible to your customers.

Although these are all effective methods you should focus on the budgets and progress to other methods based upon how much you want to increase exposure. Any or all of the services offered by the major search engines have proven effective. The choice is determining which method will be the best starter method when using the search engines for marketing.

Either way, to promote a website and NOT use the services that search engines provide and add these tools to your marketing "toolbelt" is a huge mistake on some .com businesses make. The wide variety of marketing tools available with each major search engine can help any business. Why not employ them to help increase the traffic and sales on your website? Don't be left behind this advantageous way of marketing and self promoting your services and products.