SEO copywriting—search engine optimization copywriting—is a method of increasing the chances of an article or website being targeted during an internet user’s search for a particular term. The copy must be easy to read and make sense to a reader, and tell him what he or she might want to know about the subject. The frequency of the search term is what gives the article its high ranking on a list of search results. SEO copywriting is more than writing an article—its gaining rankings.

Although different search engines have slightly different requirements and parameters, most SEO copywriting achieves thigh ranking through the use of search terms. This helps the ranking remain high even when search engines change their basic operational formulae and criteria. Often a search term will show up naturally in SEO copywriting, and other times it must be worked into the copy.

Not everyone can take advantage of SEO copywriting. For instance, if your website contains little copy, you may not benefit unless you start a page of articles for your readers. This can be a time consuming process, and not everyone is suited to, or has the time for, SEO copywriting. Having it done by professionals can be expensive, however, and this is not always an option.

SEO copywriting is subject to competition. Other people may be writing SEO articles for their own website and could use the term more than you have used it in your article. This will give them a higher ranking in the searches. However, some search engines also limit the percentage of search terms, and kick (sometimes ban) all the websites that contain a higher number than they allow. That’s why sometimes you will see a search result with the term repeated many times but no article—that listing will be gone very soon, maybe never to reappear. The correct percentage of the search term is very important in SEO copywriting.

However, in the long run good SEO copywriting can get you to the top of the rankings and keep you there awhile. When it does, you will have more visitors to your site because they will click on the link to your website before the others. Many people only check the top few websites when they search for something. Staying in the top of the rankings can be important, so even if you need a professional to write a couple of articles for you, it could be worth it. If you pay a writer X amount of dollars for better SEO copywriting than you could do yourself, you may recover that money plus much more.