Blog writing and posting is one of the most popular ways of communicating and making yourself known to the general public – practically the entire world. However, the blog system is nothing more than a regular website featuring a general development system, which means that it needs some optimization, especially if you want to increase your visibility and generate some more traffic to your blog.

Here are some hints and tips for an effective Blog SEO.

1. Use keywords: There are some standards in all SEO processes, so you cannot be wrong here either. A successful SEO demands the use of popular keywords that reflect the content of your blog articles. Same rules apply here; density of keywords should be up to 4-5% of the word count and the keyword should be used in the title as well. Don’t forget that the blog title appears usually in the URL so it is good to benefit from that, so as to increase your visibility.

2. Create SEO friendly categories: When you are categorizing your articles in your blog you need to use the most popular keywords as titles. This is crucial, because every post will have from now on an SEO friendly title, and thus an optimized URL.

3. Write quality content: Some rules and standards apply everywhere. If your quality is not good and the content is not valuable and useful to the reader, search engines will not really bother to upgrade you in their rankings.

4. Visit other blogs: When you visit other blogs and leave some comments for other people to see, then you can use your blog name and if you build some good relationships with other bloggers then you can create a back link, which means that the blogger can add a link to your blog on his page. If you do so, then remember that you can always use the Trackback, because that can definitely have a positive effect on your blog’s popularity. What is Track back? It’s a type of back link that lets you know who is adding a link that directs to your blog, or links to a particular document.

5. Submit your blog to directories: Make yourself visible by submitting your blog to relevant directories. It is important to be included in bigger blog directories because people tend to search there and is most likely to get some good traffic this way. Some good directories are Google Blog Search, JoeAnt and GoGuides.

Keep in mind that whatever you do, the right usage of keywords and quality content are the most important factors for a good SEO, as their importance is especially high when it comes to web crawlers. Be imaginative and creative and you will in all likelihood be able to achieve your goals.