Marketing plays a pivotal role for any business especially in the field of consumer durables, services and end consumer products. In modern times faced with stiff competition and a plethora of similar products, businesses and organizations are turning to newer and more innovative approaches to market their products. One such unique effort that revolutionized the very concept of marketing was through the internet. With the introduction of search engine optimization businesses came face to face with a potent method of marketing their products and services online.

Search engine optimization or SEO, as the name suggests is the method of bringing product or services to the notice of consumers wherever they may be located. In other words, traffic is created and diverted to a chosen website which otherwise would never have seen the light of the day with the help of search engines. Search engine optimization, optimizes the traffic bringing in only those that are necessary and discarding the unwanted through a process of keyword searching. It is thus seen that search engine optimization is the mainstay of internet marketing which in course of time would out beat even direct marketing because of its huge options and possibilities. For those businesses that produce rare artifacts, products for social institutions, exotic merchandise and new innovative products that had so far never been revealed before, search engines are a boon. It minimizes the chance of losing a consumer as some search engines apart from locating keywords, can also track images that are similar or reasonably similar and conduct a local search and industry specific vertical optimization search too. The use of ‘crawler’ or in other words programs that crawl or scan pages on websites hitherto unseen has made search engines the ultimate tool for marketing on the World Wide Web.

It is seen that 85% of internet users search for goods or services and find appropriate websites with the help of search engines. Among the most formidable search engines worldwide are Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are several other search engines having unique functions to cater to clients for specific purposes and their entry into web space is growing by the day.

To sum up when a consumer searches over the internet then he is already in the process of looking for what he wants while on the other hand a seller is already half way through to satisfy these consumers. This makes the whole process of marketing easier and quicker as the task is almost done. It is just a matter of making the two meet to strike the deal. Thus, it is no doubt a certainty that search engine optimization would unfold many more areas and newer methods of marketing that the world is yet to experience.